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Fibromyalgia Support Net is a web portal site that sets out to make finding information about Fibromyalgia quick and easy.

As sufferers will tell you, PAIN is the main symptom coupled with varying degrees of tiredness and limited mobility. Here on this web site we look at the critical issues and provide a "drill down" opportunity to learn more about Fibromyalgia and see links to articles, web sites, discussions groups and more.

Fibromyalgia is now more readily recognised and acknowledged by the medical profession, but despite this sufferers often feel helpless and isolated and regularly seek knowledge, treatments and support.

As one sufferer said "my doctor said "Fibromyalgia will not kill you.", but I said, "fine BUT can I live with it?".

The disease is not life-threatening, though the degree of symptoms may vary greatly from day to day with periods of flares (severe worsening of symptoms) or remission.

This portal site is visited by sufferers, their carers and the medical profession, who seek ongoing knowledge and education, and the opportunity of making contacts and online discussions with sufferers, carers and medical personnel. 

1% to 3% of the population are thought to suffer from Fibromyalgia, the majority being women in a ratio 9:1. Although 20-50 is the common age range for sufferers, many claim to have had the illness since childhood or for many years before being properly diagnosed or recognised.

There is no specific "cure" as such and much confused publicity and false promises. Treatments vary between individuals and provide varying degrees of relief. 

Husbands, wives and partners who get involved in the sufferers care often find it difficult to cope as the condition worsens, so we focus on their plight as well as the actual sufferers. See Fibrolads

Canada and North America are far more advanced in knowledge, research and treatments than the UK,  Europe and Australasia where there is still a lot to learn. Other countries have varying degrees of knowledge, sufferer population, research  and treatments, which we hope to feature on this site.

Please save our URL to your favourites and pass on details of our site to friends and contacts who may benefit from the information, knowledge, contacts and advice we offer on our site.

Please Contact Us if you want to tell us useful news, or ask questions which we do not cover on these pages. We cannot give your personal medical advice but we can use your knowledge and experience to build a better resource.

Information on this site is believed accurate and up-to-date but cannot be guaranteed. Links to external web sites and associated programs and services is not an endorsement by Fibromyalgia Support Net of those facilities.

Practical Living with Fibromyalgia by Maurice S Clarke

Nothing on this web site should be taken as medical advice, sufferers should always consult their doctor, physician or consultant before undertaking any treatment or taking any medication including natural remedies.

Users are advised to take all reasonable precautions before ordering, free or paid for services or products. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. No personal information is being collected from you or your computer whilst on this site, this may not be true of external web sites linked from our site over which we have no control. 

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